About reemind.me

Did you know that 7 out of 10 potential customers leave their online shopping journey with the intention to come back later? And you know what? Most of them never return. With reemind.me you have a smart button below the “Add to Cart” section, with a simple text “remind me”. The customer will be able to choose the exact time and date when they want to be reminded. 

The customer's email address, product ID/IDs, and customer's selected date will be synced to Klaviyo or Mailchimp, where you can set up an automated flow to remind your customers of their future purchases 


Higher than the average time lag


The sellers using reemind.me app saw an average increase in signup rates compared to the traditional newsletter sign-ups.


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Reemindme is a revolutionary way to set up a reminder for a later purchase. It’s a practical reminder button specifically created to store your favorite  items in the form of notifications for later purchases.

How does this work?

Your customers land on the product page and intend to purchase for a special occasion, but they do not always remember to revisit  the site on the day of purchase. 


The customer selects the event or picks a date, clicks on the remindme button, and it's all set within 5 seconds! 


Customers  receive an email whenever the event occurs  or at the exact date they've already chosen with the reemindme button. 


No need to worry about any forgotten  purchase or an important  event.