Remind customers when they are ready to purchase

Your customers are tired of cleaning up their inboxes from annoying and scammy emails.
Don't you think, they rather get reminders about the product they really liked, on the exact date they are ready to purchase it?

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Easy integration
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Higher email marketing revenue

The average email open rate for all industries is 21.33%. And the average click rate for all industries we analyzed is 2.62%. That basically means only 2-3% of your subscribers find your campaign content useful. If you had a higher open and click rates, you would definitely generate more revenue from email marketing. is created to let your website visitors choose the exact date they want to be reminded about your service/product. So, reminding emails are more personalized and reporting an increase of open rate and click rate up to 200%.

Higher conversion rates

In 2021 an average Email conversion rates was 15.22%. When calculated as a percentage of total emails sent, the conversion rate drops significantly. If you give a “Remind me” option to your customers with higher purchase intent, and remind them about the product/service on their preferable date, emails sent to them will convert at a substantially higher rate.

Less shopping cart abandonment

The single biggest reason why people abandon shopping carts is just about typical browsing behavior. People shop around and don’t necessarily buy on the first visit, so there’ll always be some people abandoning because they’re just browsing and aren’t ready to make a decision yet. So giving them an option to be reminded when they are ready to make the purchase, is the best way to reduce the abandoned checkout rate. 

Less spamming, more performance

40% of consumers say they have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox. Don’t let your emails be one of those. Send your emails to people who truly care about your products and services.

Built exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus app integrates with all Shopify themes, so you can easily enable its capabilities on your website. Install and configure app on your site with a few steps and feel its powerful impact on your website's conversion rate in a day